Night Queen Aura and Ritual Spray- Free Gift!

Big Heart Rising


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Metaphysical Properties: Feminine Psychic Energy, Clearing and Cleansing, Centering and Confidence, Calming & Creativity

This spray took over 1 year to create and complete. A loving collab with the uber talented alchemist Zen and Magic. Free gift with every bottle!

Ingredients: Top of the line, spare no expense- Natural Witch Hazel, White Sage, Wild Lavender, Organic Chamomile and Authentic Tuberose essential oils

Directions: Store in a cool, dry space. Shake well before each use. Spray freely in areas that feel heavy or stagnant, allowing the scent to dissipate as it shifts the vibe. Excellent to cleanse your aura or water-safe crystals as well!

Tuberose are known as the Night Queen. Her flowers bloom under the light of the moon and are used in many ancient cultures to ward off heavy energies. Releasing her scent at night, her treasured blossoms are typically picked before the sun rises. She is not your typical flower. The Night Queen is nuanced, deep and complex.

Pure tuberose oils are a lavish indulgence, often simulated by artificial means, but never truly duplicated. Every season’s harvest reaps a slightly different fragrance. Big Heart’s NIGHT QUEEN is precious. Harvested over three years ago and offered in finite quantity, as only a small amount of that specific gathering is still available.

NIGHT QUEEN is a powerful blend of white sage for clearing, chamomile for centering, lavender for sweet purity of heart, and tuberose for the magic of old worlds.

Tuberose are seen in many Hawaiian bridal bouquets. Let Big Heart’s NIGHT QUEEN marry your inner worlds of light and dark. Harness your full alchemy in the ancient temple of the NIGHT QUEEN…