Pre-Live Sale Drop: Large 5" Hi Def Blue Calcite Crystal Skull- Ocean

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Crystal Skulls- A reflection of within

Yes, you can totally just buy a crystal skull because, well yeah, they're badass. But if you're interested in the metaphysical aspects of working with crystal skulls you've also come to the right place! 

The skull shape amplifies the attributes of the crystal's metaphysical properties and helps give you deep internal insight. We like to say Crystal Skulls are a direct reflection of you. Whether you are using your crystal skull for divination or for personal growth and reflection, it can be a powerful tool to make significant and impactful change. 

You are the magic, the crystal is the tool.

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Big Heart Rising is a metaphysical based crystal shop. We use crystals for spirituality and growth. Our statements are based on our own personal journey. Everyone is different and must choose what feels right for them. We celebrate free-choice and individuality. If you need medical attention please seek a healthcare professional. We do not claim to diagnose or cure any ailments of any kind. We offer these tools for you to experience what we have experienced in hopes it will help you on your spiritual journey too.

Your crystal may arrive with cracks, chips, inclusions, natural debris, Indentations, surface scratches and tool markings. These are natural attributes of the rock, fossil and mineral and processes it takes to hand-carve and polish the specimen. Natural imperfections add flair and character to the crystal and do not devalue the piece from the price you paid to us. We price our crystals according to quality, rarity, uniqueness and market value. We do not refund, or exchange for imperfections.